Heavy Duty System 100+

Heavy Duty Systems ranging from 60 kW to MW

All of our customized solutions are built upon a proven product range of fuel cell systems that have been developed to meet the demands of the market - powerful, compact and robust. Our Heavy Duty Systems range from 60 kW to MW, all with the possibility to connect in parallel to suit specific power needs. PowerCellution's scope of supply includes all components surrounding the fuel cell system. We can also help you choose the most efficient solutions for the remaining components of the electric powertrain.

60kW ┃80kW ┃100 kW ┃MW

Heavy Duty Sytem 100

Concept for Heavy Duty system 100+
Concept for Heavy Duty system 100+
Concept for Heavy Duty system 100+

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Powerful and compact

Our solutions are powerful and robust, yet compact and easy to transport if needed. All products in the off-road segment have been tested and developed according to the standards for heavy-duty transportation applications and power generation solutions.



We offer fuel cell systems for the off-road market that can be connected in parallel to achieve megawatt (MW) power output. Together with our partners, we provide complete, powerful and scalable MW output solutions for this segment.


Fast ramp up time

With PowerCellution hydrogen fuel cell systems, off-road vehicles and machinery can match the performance of today’s technology. The ramp-up time is as short as with diesel, which makes the hydrogen fuel cell solution an adequate alternative to fossil fuel.


Towards zero emission

By using a hydrogen-electric off-road machine with hydrogen from renewable energy sources, you offer your customer a total zero-emission solution.

For Off-Road inquiries please contact:
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PowerCellution is challenging current power generation systems. Through hydrogen-electrification fuel cell technology, we help our customers reach their zero emission goals. PowerCellution is the product brand, owned by PowerCell Sweden AB. 

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