Marine MW Solutions

PowerCellution offers customized megawatt solutions. We understand the complex challenges our clients face and can offer the complete value chain of hydrogen fuel cell power systems through our partnerships with world leading industrial innovators and integrators, such as Siemens Energy and Hitachi-ABB Power Grids. With experience reaching back over 25 years, the PowerCellution offer is based on state-of-the-art technology where our hydrogen fuel cells are scalable to several megawatts. Our customers receive reliable and less dependent power, better operational efficiency, improved control, neither noise nor smell, and much more. Together with you we strive towards true zero emissions for a better future.

Megawatt solutions with safety in mind

Marine applications are challenging when it comes to both space, safety and classification.  The PowerCellution modular system has been developed with all this in mind and is perfectly equipped to meet extreme maritime demands.  Over the past two years, we have been collaborating closely with class societies and have developed the safety case according to IMO legislation. We can now establish a best practice for megawatt fuel cell systems on the maritime market. Our solutions already meet the requirements set by authorities and legislators, both in terms of safety and environmental goals.

Developed specifically for marine applications

Our megawatt solution has the huge advantage of offering the most compact and robust fuel cells on the market, perfectly suited for marine applications with limited space and rigorous safety requirements. The solution we are developing now is highly modular with the intention of being either retrofitted or integrated to meet specific installation challenges.

Meeting the demands

Before integration, all our systems are carefully tested inhouse at PowerCell Sweden's manufacturing facility in Gothenburg, Sweden. The full-load tests are carried out together with a corresponding DC/DC as part of Factory Acceptance Testing. 

After this, integration of the fuel cell power system takes place at the integrator and partner in the specific case, prior to the shipment to the customer.

In all of the above, the cooperation with strategic partners is of utmost importance. We collaborate with Siemens Energy, and Robert Bosch GmbH in order to meet manufacturing volume demands.

  • Inhouse testing
  • Completion of testing at sub-suppliers
  • Integration together with partners and integrators prior to customer delivery

Worldwide service network

Together with our partners, we offer a global service to all of our customers. Service centers and field engineers are at your disposal whenever you need them. By using all knowledge available, we truly leverage technology worldwide.

How we work with quality and environment policies

With careful control and continuous improvements to our management system, we ensure high product quality and delivery precision. Our top priority is satisfied customers. Engaged and competent personnel together with high performing development and production systems safeguard exactly that. In addition, we always make sure that we use material and resources efficiently. An important part of this is our cooperation with suppliers and partners. Last but not least, we guarantee compliance with laws, regulations and stakeholder requirements. 

  • Satisfied customers above all
  • High performing development and systems
  • Close cooperation with partners
  • Compliance with regulations and other requirements

For inquiries, please contact:
Johan BurgrenBusiness Manager Marine & Off-roadjohan.burgren@powercell.sePhone +46 (0) 73 910 37 69
Dr. Per EkdungeCEO PowerCell Germany GmbHper.ekdunge@powercell.sePhone +46 (0) 73 910 37 02

Custom solutions

Zero emission solutions based on your needs

We provide customized solutions based on our product range. Contact one of our experts to discuss your specific needs and options!
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PowerCellution is challenging current power generation systems. Through hydrogen-electrification fuel cell technology, we help our customers reach their zero emission goals. PowerCellution is the product brand, owned by PowerCell Sweden AB. 

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