Smooth to zero.

We are ready to use our expertise and solutions to make your transition to hydrogen electrification solutions easier. Minimizing your risks, investments and time to market.

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Whether it's about fast ferries, passenger vessels, cargo vessels or large yachts, we are ready to use our expertise and solutions to make your way to zero as fast and smooth as possible.

We can assist you in evaluating your total cost of ownership across the lifetime of your vessel and support you in your risk analysis by making the most of our fuel cell experience and working with multiple classification societies.

Our support services enable smooth start-up post-commissioning by providing you with site acceptance testing support, installation validation and engineering hours as you need them.

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PowerCellution is challenging current power generation systems. Through hydrogen-electrification fuel cell technology, we help our customers reach their zero emission goals. PowerCellution is the product brand, owned by PowerCell Sweden AB. 

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