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Fuel cell expertise

Our Marine Competence Center is the result of 25 years of fuel cell technology expertise and can support you with best practice solutions.

Remote monitoring

PowerCellution system supports real-time data for diagnostics and troubleshooting. On-site support is also available without shutting down systems due to the modular design.

Tailored support

Our support capabilities can meet specific needs to maximize uptime and productivity.

Row together

Our carbon-free technologies can power you through your energy transition period.
We row together to a sustainable future. 

PowerCellution service offer can be tailored to provide high quality support, ensuring your operations and vessel uptime. 

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PowerCellution is challenging current power generation systems. Through hydrogen-electrification fuel cell technology, we help our customers reach their zero emission goals. PowerCellution is the product brand, owned by PowerCell Sweden AB. 

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